GUIDED MEDITATION | Theta Brainwaves Audio CD Therapy

GUIDED MEDITATION | Theta Brainwaves Audio CD Therapy

Running Time : 60 Minutes
Type : Audio CD or MP3
Price : IDR 50.000,-
Quality : 99%

* Generate Nourishing States Of Well Being
* Obtain Clarity And Insight
* Experience Theta Meditation

You Are Guided To Create An Inner Sanctuary, A Place Where You Go To Regenerate And Create Nourishing States Of Health And Well-Being. Your Body Begins To Relax As Your Mind Transcends Daily Clutter. Negative Thoughts Are Dramatically Swept Away By Brilliant Flashes Of Insight And Understanding. You May Feel As Though You Are Gliding On Beams Of Light As Your Soul Soars To The Highest Ethers Of Universal Knowledge And Creativity. Track One Is A Guided Meditation. Track Two Offers Music And Theta Waves

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