HIGH FOCUS | High Beta Brainwaves Audio CD Therapy

HIGH FOCUS | High Beta Brainwaves Audio CD Therapy

Running Time : 60 Minutes
Type : Audio CD or MP3
Price : IDR 50.000,-
Quality : 99%

* Increase Cognition And Concentration
* Improve Hand Eye Coordination For Sports Activities
* Clear Mental “Fog” And Boost Energy

Pure, High Beta Window Frequencies Trigger High-Powered, High-Performance Brain States Ideal For Quick Thinking And Deep Concentration. Long-Term Benefits Include Increased Ability To Focus, Enhanced Cognition, And Greater Concentration For Extended Periods Of Time. This Program May Be Used While You Work, Study Or Write. Psychiatrists And Therapists Have Reported That High Focus Is Beneficial For The Treatment Of Attention Deficit Disorder. Athletes And Sports Trainers Say It Is Excellent As A Prep Tape For Physical Activities That Involve Hand-Eye Coordination, Such As Tennis Or Golf. It’s Also A Great Program To Use To Refresh And Stimulate Your Mind After Long Hours Of Traveling. High Focus Is Not Recommended For Use Before Bed Or Anytime You Need To Relax. Track One Delivers Non-Distracting Music With 40hz Beta Waves. Track Two Blends Ambient Sounds With The Same Powerful Frequency

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