LIVING PRAYER | Theta Brainwaves Audio CD Therapy

LIVING PRAYER | Theta Brainwaves Audio CD Therapy

Running Time : 60 Minutes
Type : Audio CD or MP3
Price : IDR 50.000,-
Quality : 99%

* Discover The Prayers That Reside Within You
* Forgive The Past
* Heal Your Life
* Generate Grace And Blessings

Prayer Is Real. It’s A Living Energy That Can Transform Your Life And Those Around You. In Living Prayer, Precision-Engineered Sound Waves Are Harmonically Layered In Exquisite Music That Soothes Your Soul And Guides You Into The Reverent States Of Meditation Where Prayers Are Heard And Answered. Entering Your Own Sacred Healing Sanctuary, You Learn To Release Negativity And Open To A New, Positive Reality That Will Generate Grace And Blessings In Your Daily Life. Your Heart Will Open To Greater Joy That Will Touch Everyone Around You. Best Of All, You’ll Come To Know That You’re Never Alone You’re Guided And Protected Always. Track One Is A Guided Meditation With Music And Theta Waves. Track Two Offers Music And Theta Waves

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