SLIM NATURALLY | Theta Brainwaves Audio CD Therapy

SLIM NATURALLY | Theta Brainwaves Audio CD Therapy

Running Time : 60 Minutes
Type : Audio CD or MP3
Price : IDR 50.000,-
Quality : 99%

* Eliminate Self Sabotage
* Overcome Food Addictions
* Adopt A Slim Mindset
* Decrease Appetite
* Increase Energy And Metabolism
* Reduce Stress

Scientists Have Now Proven Beyond Doubt That The Contents Of Our Thoughts And Feelings Have A Direct And Immediate Influence Upon Our Physical Being. Thoughts And Emotions Have The Power To Alter How We Look, Feel And Behave. In This Special Audio Program You Are Guided Into Deep Relaxation. Precision-Engineered Sound Waves Induce States Of Heightened Receptivity Where The Positive Messages You Will Hear Are Absorbed For Maximum Impact. Within Minutes, Window Frequencies Trigger The Release Of Neuro-Chemical Messengers That Immediately Begin To Alter Your Body’s Responses. Deep-Seated Behavior Patterns Are Powerfully Changed So That Your Appetite And Self-Esteem Work In Harmony To Help You Attain And Maintain Your Ideal Weight. As Negative Beliefs Dissolve, Extra Pounds Fall Away. You’ll Feel Vibrantly Alive And Full Of Energy. For Maximum Results, Use This Audio In Conjunction With A Healthy Diet And Exercise Program. Track One Is Guided With Music And Theta Waves. Track Two Is Music And Theta Waves Only, Allowing You To Practice The Visualizations At Your Own Pace

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